Today, the brand new Merlin Passholder Booking System has (finally) gone live!

The system, was due to go live on Monday (8th March 2021) at 12:30pm, however due to technical difficulties, this had to be delayed.

Passholders can access the system by going to:

Much like we found last year, you will book your tickets with the individual attractions rather than a ‘central’ booking system, when you go to the site above, you will then follow onto the individual attraction website to pre-book your ticket/s.

From here, you will then select the type of annual pass you have

You will then depending on the attraction be able to pre-book a full day or afternoon slot. Unlike last year, as I have a Premium Pass I am able to pre-book without having to pay a fee!

As with previous years, you will then be able to pre-book your date which you wish to visit the attraction and then follow on the steps to confirm your booking.

Different from what we can now do, is that we will be able to amend the pre-bookings something which we were not able to do last year by doing the following steps:

  1. Access the Passholder Pre-booking Portal. You can either do this by following the ‘Manage my Booking’ link on the confirmation email or by following the link on the attraction webpage above.
  2. Select the booking you want to change.
  3. Modify your date and time. A list of available dates and times will appear.
  4. Click ‘save changes’. You will receive a new email confirmation to the email on your booking.

Please remember you can only amend your booking a certain number of times. The number of amends you have remaining is shown under the calendar.

If you wish to cancel your booking, you have a form you need to fill out, sadly there is no way to do this via the booking system which is a shame really!

In addition you can also view your bookings from a single place on the above link.

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