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  • The Curse at Alton Manor Review
    During my recent visit to Alton Towers for its opening week, I decided to check out their brand new attraction which replaced Duel, The Curse […]
  • Alton Towers 2023 Park Map
    Today, Alton Towers have shared their updated Park Mark for the 2023 Season! What’s your Reaction? +1 3 +1 0 +1 1 +1 1 +1 […]
  • New Retro Squad Ride
    Today, Alton Towers has posted a teaser that Rollerdisco has left the resort and will be replaced by something else for the 2023 season. What’s […]
  • Project Horizon APPROVED
    Today, it has been confirmed that Project Horizon has been approved Staffordshire Moorlands District Council’s (SMDC) Planning Applications Committee. This is very exciting for Alton […]
  • The Curse Teaser
    Today, the team at Alton Towers have released a video from their teaser event in London, for their new attraction The Curse at Alton Towers […]
  • Enterprise Removal?
    Recently on YouTube, the user ‘Squadding Quads’ has shared drone footage showing that Enterprise appears to be getting removed with a crane also next to […]