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  • Waterpark Plans Now Submitted!
    Our good friends over at Chessington Buzz, have today shared newly submitted plans for their development of an on-site waterpark, which shows some very exciting … Read more
  • Chessington Visit
    Yesterday, I decided to head over to Chessington World of Adventures, mainly to check out their brand new World of Jumanji area, specifically to take … Read more
  • Mandrill Mayhem Virtual Queue
    Today, Chessington has confirmed that their new rollercoaster Mandrill Mayhem will operate on a Virtual Queue System. Ride around the iconic sites of Jumanji, brave … Read more
  • World of Jumanji Press Release
    World of Jumanji will see families follow in the footsteps of Dr. Bravestone, through a whole world of adventures to locate the Jaguar’s Eye Jewel, … Read more
  • Word of Jumanji Updates
    It has been a while since I have posted any updated on the site in regards to the construction for World of Jumanji at Chessington … Read more
  • CWOA Waterpark Plans
    Today, seen the start of the consultation for a Waterpark yo be built over at Chessington World of Adventures. The team over at Chessington Buzz … Read more