Announced on the 26th February following the governments announcement in February, Merlin have (finally) announced the opening of the pre-booking system as of Monday 8th March.

This is something that all Merlin Passholders have been very much looking forward to happening as currently, we haven’t been able to pre-book any of the attractions.

In my view, if the pre-booking portal works as planned this will be a great way to make it much more easy for us to pre-book in one place (last year, we had to pre-book on the individual attraction’s websites) and also to see what we have booked in one place.

It will also be great that we will be able to cancel our pre-bookings if we no longer can go via the portal, this should also mean that tickets for people who no longer can visit will be easier to be ‘released’ back to everyone else.

I will be posting a further update on Monday with how the portal looks and how well it works, so watch this space!

UPDATE – 8th March – Due to technical difficulties, the launch of the system has been delayed until 10th March