Recently, I took a trip to check out Winter Wonderland after it took a break last year as a result of COVID to check it out and also to have one last day of enjoying some rides for 2021!

Unlike previous years, a fee applies to enter Winter Wonderland and you are given a 3-hour time slot to enter Winter Wonderland, however, the slot is only for the entry time after you have entered you can stay as long as you like (but you can’t re-enter).

As always there is plenty of rides to enjoy, during my visit I went on The Giant Wheel, Munchen Looping, XXL, and The Hangover all of which were great rides, and when I was on Munchen Looping I was able to enjoy a back-row ride!

As I had gone on a Thursday afternoon it was very quiet and all of the rides were walk-on!

Now the best time to go would be after 6:30 pm as this is when the main evening entertainment begins, however, if you are happy just to go on the rides then the daytime during the week is ideal!

While the bigger rides are expensive to go on, you can still have a good day out at a good price if you just want to do the smaller rides or just want to enjoy the stall’s food and drink available of which there is plenty.

Not forgetting this there is a Circus at Winter Wonderland, I hadn’t visited this back in 2019 when I had my first visit so this year I thought I would give it a go. It lasts around 50 minutes and is actually rather fun!

For me, Winter Wonderland is more of a ‘one time’ visit for the year since the rides are paid for individually.

Clips from Zippos Christmas Circus

Clips from Winter Wonderland Rides

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