Cadbury World Review



Thursday, 9 May 2024   Cadbury World    

Recently, I took a trip to Cadbury World for the first time to check it out.

I travelled by train, so got off at Bournville which was mostly sign posted where to go, although I did manage to go the wrong way at one point due to the signage not being the best.

A top tip is when you see the building below, turn left and follow the path past a gated entrance, the signs will reapear and you will see better where to go. This was the only downside, as I turned right and realised I must be going the wrong way.

When I arrived, I was close enough to my booked slot, so they did let me in about 15 minutes early!

If you are too early before your slot you can go and visit the history museum and 4D cinema or relax in the resturant.

On arrival my prebook was scanned and I was let in after being given 1 chocolate bar (Twirl) where you go into the first part.

There is some interactive screens in the area with some mini games to play, altgough when busy it won’t be so easy having a go.

After tgos there is some mini sections on the history.

You then go through to a holding area before going into two small theatre sections about the history of Cadbury.

When you have been through this, you then get a talk about chocolate being made, before then going through to eat a very small helping of melted chocolate with two toppings you can have

While you eat the chocolate, you can see some getting made and decorated!

After this, you then queue up to enter the new ride Cadbury Choclate Quest (sadly can’t take pictures or videos in the ride), where you need to collect Coco Beans and Milk to make the chocolate and then at the end you need to wrap the chocolate. If you collect enough points you are given a chocolate bar at the end!

After the ride, there isn’t anything else and suddenly you are in the Cadbury Shop and Factory Outlet.

There are some good bargains in the shop and let’s say I got some chocolate to take home with me.

As I had now been through the main section which went very quick due to there being low amount of people (timed it right as arrived after some school groups had been in) I headed to see the history section and 4D Cinema.

After the history section is where you get to draw with melted chocolate, as a note it’s reused so can’t be eaten.

Of course, I just had to write Hyperia, I’m no way artistic so no drawing from me!

I then went to the 4D Cinema where while walking to it you get to see this lovely vehicle.

The 4D Cinema was rather fun and I do recommend it.

Now that’s me coming to the end of my visit already and would I go back? Maybe. It was a good visit however, it felt like a very quick visit and if I was to go back, I would plan more of a day in Birmingham to do other stuff in addition to Cadbury World as it wasn’t fully worth the travel.

The experience felt too short, and it would be nice if they had more to see during the visit. Not forgetting some parts of it look like they are doing work or just going to be making it smaller?

If you are visiting Birmingham already, then sure go and take a visit, but don’t go just to go there.

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