Located not far from Watford, I visited the Warner Brothers Studio Tour – Making of Harry Potter for the first time, it’s actually something that I have been wanting to do for a while now and have finally managed to get around to doing it, here is my review of the trip!

Location & Transport

When I visited the attraction, I decided to go by train which meant a short train ride from London Euston to Watford Junction.

As I had pre-booked my tickets I was able to travel onboard the free shuttle bus that takes approx. 15 minutes to get to the studios from Watford Junction and I actually managed to time it well enough that I arrived as a bus was waiting. They do a quick check of your pre-booked tickets before letting you onboard the bus.

Transport back to Watford Junction from the Studios was just as easy as well with a short wait before the next bus showed up and we pretty much left straight away as we were full.


They recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your tour entry time, before you enter the building you will have your ticket/s checked and then in the main area, you can collect your digital guide if you wish to use one and there is also storage for jackets which is handy aswell!

Food & Drink

Before you go onto your tour, there is places you can get some food and drink (sorry, no butterbeer at this point!) and the cafe had a good choice of food where you can order and they will bring the food to your table when it’s ready!

You can get Butterbeer or Butterbeer Ice Cream but this is only available once you are inside the actual tour and is located around half-way through the tour itself.

The Experience!

Well, there is so so much I can say about the experience it was just simply put amazing! You will get to see plenty of props and costumes along with other things used across the movies it was just breathtaking.

I always loved the Harry Potter movies, so for me, it was very exciting to see so much from the movie in one place.

They do recommend that it takes 3 hours for the experience, which I found very much to be the case as you are walking through the experience taking everything in and enjoying yourself at the same time.

You can also find out how many different parts of the movies were filmed as well which gives you a great insight.

There are also some on-site photo opportunities where you can purchase pictures and videos of your experience flying a broomstick and also going for a ride on Hogwarts Express!

Flying a broomstick!
Onboard the Hogwarts Express, I hope nothing bad happens!

If you were to ask me, what the best part of the experience was, well that is a difficult one as I really enjoyed all of it, to be honest!

The experience was just magical from start to finish!

The Cost

Well, this part is the only downside and it is expensive for the visit although, if you are a Harry Potter fan then it sure is worth the money. The photo packages are very expensive, so more of a thing to do once to keep as a memory.

Will I go back?

YES! I enjoyed it very much and already hope to go back with a friend or two in the near future!


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