To bring you the best content possible for 2021, Ross had a number of trips to different Theme Parks during 2021, Here are some impressive stats from his visits!

  • 255 Rides, of which 118 were rollercoasters!
  • 73 Unique Rides with 19 unique rides on rollercoasters!
  • Thorpe Park was visisted 10 times
  • Alton Towers had the biggest amount of visits this year with 6 trips! (note: this was part of overnight stays)
  • The Top 10 Rides of 2021 were:
    • Nemesis Inferno – 15
    • Detonator – 12
    • Flying Fish – 12
    • Runaway Mine Train – 12
    • Samurai – 10
    • The Swarm – 10
    • Vortex – 10
    • Wicker Man – 10
    • Rush – 9
    • Stealth – 9

In some ways, I’m a bit surprised by the Top 10 list for this year, although Nemesis Inferno flew to the top of the list thanks to when I was there in Oktoberfest and we had many re-rides before park closure.

During the visit’s to the parks, Ross uses the app ‘Auto Ride Count’, we will be giving you more on the app in the future so watch this space however we highly recommend it as an easy way to keep track on the rides you do!

In addition to this, we also use the website ‘ridecount’ which also gives a great way to view stats although, we manually add the stats onto the website, you can view our page by clicking here!