Do you remember your very first rollercoaster?

I do, and it was the Looping Star Rollercoaster, which used to live at Wonderweest World, what was a Butlins site in Ayr.

As a child, I had been to Wonwerwest World a few times on holidays with my sister and mum and I always so remember going on the rollercoaster, something of which I nicknamed as a young boy the ‘Oh No Weeeee’.

The rollercoaster itself only had the 1 loop but was an enjoyable ride even for a young boy.

Now of course, compared to the rollercoasters I have been on since then its no where as good as what you can get but, as a small boy to see the rollercoaster and look up to it, it felt like a big rollercoaster.

Sadly, Haven took over the Butlins site to become Craig Tara, the rides were all removed then removed in 1998, to make space for… Caravans!

The Rollercoaster has then moved onto other places so you never know, you may have actually managed to experience this rollercoaster yourself.

  • Dreamland as Looping Star
  • Camelot Theme Park as Gauntlet
  • Playground Varna as Roller Coaster
  • Luna Park Sunny Beach as Loop Max Adrenaline

The Looping Star for me was a great start to rollercoasters and you can also say that this is where my love for rollercoasters began as I get excited when I see bigger rollercoasters to enjoy!

Now of course, Butlins did have a number of other rides available to experience, including a small train ride, which as a young boy I loved!

Along with this there was a few land-based rides as well and it always had a great choice and was such a shame when Haven took-over that all of the rides were removed.