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Latest updates on events at Thorpe Park during 2022

Latest Events Updates at Thorpe Park

  • Fright Nights – What We Know
    Now that we have seen all of the door reveals for Fright Nights 2022, let’s […]
  • Fright Nights Door NINE
    Today was the final announcement / door reveal which is their 3rd maze for 2022, […]
  • Fright Nights – Door EIGHT
    We have now had the official announcement of Door Eight for the 2022 Fright Nights, […]
  • Fright Nights – Door Seven
    Thorpe Park have now released their seventh door behind Fright Nights, with being the first […]
  • Fright Nights Door SIX
    Last night, Thorpe Park released what is behind Door 6! Amity and Lycan’s will be […]
  • Fright Nights Door Five
    very exciting news this evening the very much expected, the maze will return this year […]
  • Fright Nights Door Four
    With the latest video and rather exciting, we will see Creek Freek Unchained! To be […]
  • Fright Nights Door THREE
    Hattie and Hugo have returned, this time to celebrate their 21st Birthday, keeping to the […]
  • Fright Nights Door Two
    Today we have had the next door revel and I must admit, I’m very happy […]
  • Fright Nights Door One
    Tonight, Thorpe Park has revealed what is behind door one, Trailers! SuperSpark Cinema returns for […]