Ride: Hyperia
Manufacturer: MACK Rides
Ride Status: OPEN
Opening Date: 24th May 2024

Codenamed Project Exodus during construction, Hyperia is placed in what was Old Town, which resulted in the removal of Loggers Leap along with the Canada Creek Railway. As part of the changes, Old Town is now known as Fearless Valley!

The work saw the removal of three children’s rides from Old Town, one of which can be found at Thorpe Park after a repaint and is now called High Striker. One was also moved to Chessington while the remaining has been scrapped.

On the 9th of February 2023, Thorpe Park (finally) confirmed that the new rollercoaster will be built by Mack!

Throughout the Winter 22/23 Season, plenty of work was taking place in ‘Old Town’ with the removal of the Loggers Leap station, the Canada Creek Railway Station and not only that, at the start of February they had also started work to remove Loggers Leap!

For the main 2023 season, work was taking place to prepare the ground along with the installation of the ground pins for the track supports to be installed.

On the 6th of October 2023, Thorpe Park announced that their new ride would be called Hyperia! In their announcement video, they also played music from the ride’s soundtrack! The name announcement comes as parts of the ride were moved to the construction site, ready for vertical construction!

In the 9th October 2023, Project Exodus started to go vertical, and a few days later the first parts of the track were then laid!

The biggest excitement came on the 18th April, when Hyperia was tested for the very first time. Since then, much more testing has been taking place and final work on the area to be ready for opening day!

Hyperia then had it’s grand opening on the 24th May, you can watch our vLog from opening day by clicking here.

Sadly, the opening day remained too much for Hyperia and it was unable to re-open the following day (25th May) leading to alot of disappointment.  Following work taking place on the lift hill, and then major stress testing which followed, Hyperia was able to re-open on the 12th June!

Following this and what has been seen to be some issues when Hyperia is tested without any riders or even water dummies, it has been noticed that the trains are very slow around certin parts of the track.  This became too much for Hyperia and on the 19th June during routine testing in the morning prior to opening, one train managed to stall and not making it through the outerbank causing the train to rollback and become valleyed.  Due to the nature of the ride, they are unable to get the ride going again where the train valleyed.

November 21, 2021


Public Consultation Announced

Thorpe Park announced a Public Consultation to build a new rollercoaster Read More

December 5, 2021


Consultation Dates

Thorpe Park announced that they will hold consultations on the 9th, 13th and 14th December

December 09, 2021


Details on the new Rollercoaster emerge

Attraction Sournce announce on Twitter that the new rollercoaster is planned for 2023/4 season, and would be 236ft high READ MORE

March 14, 2022


Planning Permission Submited


August 23, 2022


Natural England Approve

Natural England are now satisfied that their concerns have been resolved and approve of the plans

September 02, 2022


Environment Agency Rejection

The Environment Agency aren’t fully happy with the plan’s to build the new rollercoaster, READ MORE

September 21, 2022


Environment Agency Update

With on-going communications between the council and Environment Agency, could this stop the plans? READ MORE

October 05, 2022


Planning Permission Granted

Runnymeade Council approve Project Exodus!

January 08, 2023


Old Town Demolition Begins


January 10, 2023


Loggers Leap Station Removal

Work begins to remove the Loggers Leap Station

January 10, 2023


First Parts Arrive

The first parts for Project Exodus arrive, being the ground pins

February 09, 2023


She is a MACK!

The excitement builds even more, with Thorpe Park announcing that the new rollercoaster is being built by MACK Rides!

July 17, 2023


Ride Supports Arrive

Thorpe Park shares pictures of Ride Supports which have now arrived on site!

August 15, 2023


More Ride Parts & Ground Work

More ride parts have arrived at Thorpe Park and the ground work is well and trully underway!

October 05, 2023



Thorpe Park announce in a video that their new rollercoaster will be called Hyperia

October 09, 2023


Vertical Construction Begins!

View Here

October 11, 2023


First Track Laid!

View Here

October 18, 2023


Station Building Begins

View Here

November 29, 2023


Progress Update

Work is progressing very well on Hyperia, View Here

December 20, 2023


Metal Works

Thorpe Park shares images of the metal works taking place for the queue lines and buildings!

December 22, 2023


Gold Panels Install & The Hub Demolition

Gold Panels have started to be installed on the station building and in addition, demolition work beings on ‘The Hub’ which will be replaced by a Photo & Retail Unit
for Hyperia

February 2024


Final Track Goes Up

During February 2024 the final ride track started to go up, being the lift hill!

March 7, 2024


Track is Completed

The final part of the lift hill has been added to Hyperia, meaning that all of the track is now in place!

March 28, 2024


Opening Date Confirmed

Hyperia will open on the 45th Birthday of Thorpe Park, 24th May!

April 12, 2024


Train Reveal


April 18, 2024


First test of Hyperia

Hyperia was tested for the very first time

May 24, 2024


Hyperia Opening!


Hyperia Re-Re-Opening

Following the removal of the valleyed train, Thorpe Park aim to re-open Hyperia on the 22nd and 23rd June, although it will only operate with

Read More »

Hyperia’s Troubled History

Yesterday 19th June, Hyperia managed to Valley! Something that is perfectly safe to happen with rollercoasters where they don’t have just enough speed to make

Read More »

Hyperia Closed

Today during testing without water dummies, sadly an empty train was unable to make it up the outer bank and it rolled back and is

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