Universal Studios Great Britain

With so much talk on the possibility of Universal Studios opening a park in Bedford, UK. We will keep you updated with all the latest news and updates as they happen.

As a current run-down on the current situation in regards to the possible Universal Studios coming to Bedford:

  • Universal have confirmed that they have purchased land near Bedford
  • They are in the early stages of conducting feasibility studies for a potential park and resort on the site
  • It will be many months before a decision is made regarding the project’s overall feasibility
  • The purchase of Cloud Wing UK Limited has been confirmed
  • No creative content for the resort has yet been confirmed.

We can’t at this state forget the fact that it’s in very early stages, and as such there isn’t anything at all guaranteed, and it could still be something that will not happen.

This isn’t the first time we have had high hopes for a major new UK Theme Park, as we have had high hopes in the past of a UK Theme Park, with the London Resort.


August 31, 2023

Cloud Wing UK Ltd

On the 31st August 2023, Cloud Wing UK LTD was purchased by Comcast.

With the acquisition of Cloud Wing, Comcast also received its land assets, which include a 240 acre (95 hectare) section of a parcel of land in Bedford, England.

September 22, 2023

Domains Purchased

NBCUniversal purchased domain names for Universal Studios Great Britian.

December 18, 2023

Orlando Park Stop reveal possible plans

The team at Orlando Park Stop reveal a number of items that indicate that Universal Studios could be planning a resort in the UK. Read More

December 19, 2023

Universal Confirm Land Purchase

Speaking to Bedford Independent, Universal have confirmed that they purchased land in Bedford and are carrying out a feasibility to bring a park and resort to the UK. Read More

December 20, 2023

Letter Sent to Residents

A letter has been sent to residents to confirm they are looking into the feasibility, a dedicated website has also been setup!

Universal Studios Great Britain – Latest News & Updates

  • Letter sent to local residents
    The team over at DLPTownSquare have now found a dedicated website has been setup by Universal for local residents. In addition to this, they have also sent a letter aswell dated 20th December following the media announcements. The website states there isn’t a… Read more: Letter sent to local residents
  • RUMOUR : Universal Studios GB UPDATE
    Following yesterday’s news around the possible Universal Studios GB, there has now been a further development today! Bedford Independent has released exclusive news that Universal Stuidos have indeed purchased land in Bedford which they are exploring as a possible Theme Park site! They… Read more: RUMOUR : Universal Studios GB UPDATE
  • RUMOUR: Universal Great Britian
    The team over at Orlando Park Stop have shared some detailed information on a possible Universal Great Britian! In the report, they have shared that NBCUniversal have recently registered universalgreatbritian domain names both as .com and .Co.uk A further search shows that Comcast… Read more: RUMOUR: Universal Great Britian
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