Today, it has been announced that the original FastPass will disappear, but the Standby Pass will still continue.

As part of the changes, guests will be able to use the Disneyland Paris App will feature a new ‘Disney Premium Access# which will be part of a range of options, due to launch this summer.

The service will allow guests to skip the regular queue line for some of the rides, where you will be able to book an assigned time slot from the price of €8 per person/per ride which will also depend on the attraction and day of use.

Guests without smartphones will be able to purchase the Disney Premier Access at select locations throughout the park.

These are not the only changes that Disneyland Paris will be introducing to their app:

  • A new Online Check-in feature where you will be able to register for the hotel and you wilil get a text message when the room is avaialble
  • A Food Hub to allow anyone to search and book Disney operated resturants which will allow you to look by cuisine or meal plans!

For me, it is interesting and exciting to see the current ‘digital world’ come to Disneyland Paris and will be a interesting one to see what they will also introduce in the future.