As part of my Staycation rather than being in Orlando where I should have been, I took a trip for the first week around the London Area.

The first day of the trip was in London itself going to the London Dungeon and London Eye.

As it was during the week with the schools now back, it was very quiet intact, no queue to get in at all.

On arrival, you had the new normal temperature taken before entering.

After this I went in after a bag check and going through a metal detector.

Following this was the fun of getting the pictures taken as you enter.

In the group that I was put in (social distance still applied) there around 10 of us so it wasn’t a big group which in many ways was better than the normal big groups they put you into.

There was some minor changes to the different parts you go through.

Face Masks were required during the full experience and the actors also wore face masks throughout.

I still very much enjoyed the visit to the dungeon and felt very safe with the way it works.

I also as mentioned visited the London Eye, again it was also very quiet more or less walking straight on.

Due to social distancing the capsules were more or less private to your group which is great!

When I went on, sadly I wasn’t by myself but with 2 others which was still nice compared to the bigger groups you were put in.