As part of my time off work, we took a visit over to Chessington World of Adventures for my ‘annual’ trip.

For Chessington, we only go once a year for a visit since we prefer the Theme Parks more (plus prefer the bigger coasters!).

Sadly, Croc Drop was closed all day so we never got to experience the ride, you could see they were doing work on it and it looks like today it has re-opened. Hopefully next year I will get my chance to ride Croc Drop!

It’s not the only ride that was having issues, Tiger Rock was also closed most of the day (although, wasn’t due to open until 12pm). It did manage to open towards the end of the day so we were able to enjoy it before leaving the park.

During the visit, we managed a total of 15 rides on 11 different attractions which was good going for the day.

We took our first ever ride onboard Room On The Broom and Gruffalo River Adventure, both of which were good fun and infanct we would say Room On The Broom was very interesting.

We also took a trip on Blue Barnacle which was good fun and new to Chessington for 2021, replacing the original Black Buccaneer.

We had lunch at Pizza Pasta as it is always good value for money.

The rain didn’t spoil our day as we still have plenty of fun!


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