During my recent trip to Alton Towers, I took a visit back to the Rollercoaster Restaurant.

On-site within the park, they are open for lunch as walk-ins or as dinner by reservation. Located next to the exit for Galactica.

When you are taken to your table, you are giving a tablet from where you order your food and drinks, and then you wait for the fun part to begin!

Depending on the drink you have ordered it will come to your table by the rollercoaster tracks within the restaurant and if you are at a ‘good’ table, it might just go around a loop!

Your food will also be delivered to your table by the track and it will drop onto the table which you can ‘rotate’ to where you are sitting.

There is a great choice of different food available but for me, I love their burgers! You also get a good choice of sides or you can do a deal which will include some sides!

I do find the food very nice, but it is a bit pricey, as a Merlin Pass Holder, I do get a discount so it makes the cost not so bad.

After you have finished eating and ready to leave, you simply take the tablet to the till where you will then pay.

In someway’s the tablet is a great idea as you just order the food and drink as and when you want to order it, you don’t need to wait around for a member of staff to come to your table although, while I was there it did seem like they forgot to send my desert until I chased them.

I do recommend that during your visit to Alton Towers, you try the Rollercoaster Restaurant if you never have before.