Thorpe Park Food & Drink Guide

Depending on the food & drinks that you like, there is plenty of options at Thorpe Park for you to have.

Not only that, during certain events at Thorpe Park, in the past, additional Food & Drink stalls have been setup with additional options being made available.

If you are a Annual Passholder, some outlets will also give you a discount.

Pizza Pasta Buffet
Near Nemesis Inferno Entrance

If you love Pizza, Pasta and Salad this place is for you!  

Offering all you can eat Pizza and Pasta!

Annual Pass Discount available!

Near Nemesis Inferno Entrance

Serving tacos, sides and beers. We have found however, that it wasn’t open a huge amount of time during our visits in 2023.

Annual Pass Discount available!

Located near Tidal Wave Entrance


Burger King

If one wasn’t enough, you can find two Burger Kings at Thorpe Park!

One can be found at Fearless Valley and the other can be found next to Dobble Tea Party!

Amity Kababs

Offering chicken, doner and falafel gyro style kebabs.

Annual Pass Discount available!


Cape Cod Fish & Chips
Located near Ghost Train

Battered fish, scampi, pies or a a classic fish finger sandwich!

Spice Kitchen

Bringing you Indian Curries & Sides!

Bubble Tea Bar
Located near Fearless Valley & Ghost Train

Bringing the lovely Bubble Tea with a great selection of teas, flavours and toppings!

Boulevard Bites

Offering loaded hotdogs, veggie dogs and cajun fries!

Annual Pass Discount available!


Vibes Bar & Kitchen
Located in the Dome

Offering lunch service to everyone, with a choice of burgers and sides.

Vibes is open to Shark Cabin Guests only for breakfast and dinner.

Annual Pass Discount available!