Shark Cabins | Thorpe Park

Onsite at Thorpe Park is the ‘Shark Cabins’ located after you enter Thorpe Park just before the dome. The Shark Cabins are also the only on-site accommodation Thorpe Park has to offer.

The cabins are essentially shipping containers with a double bed and bunk beds and were built at Thorpe Park as a ‘temporary solution’ to provide on-site accommodation to those visiting.

They are a good size although do have a downside of no windows. It also comes in handy when you are visiting Thorpe Park for more than one day since you are on-site and it comes in very handy for events like Fright Nights so you don’t have far to go at all after the event!

You can also pay to have breakfast onsite within the Vibes Bar & Grill or a takeaway breakfast from Costa both located within the dome.

In 2023, Thorpe Park introduced Themed Cabin’s for The Swarm, Stealth and Nemesis Inferno.

The main perk of the cabin’s other than the theme to your favourite rollercoaster, is that you will receiveĀ unlimitedĀ fast-track to that rollercoaster for your second day!

As part of the launch of Hyperia in 2024, Thorpe Park has also released a Hyperia themed cabin.

As part of the exclusive benifit of staying in the cabin, you will receive

  • Single Use Hyperia Fastrack Ticket
  • Unlimited Fastrack on a coaster of your choice (Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, SAW – The Ride, Stealth or The Swarm)