Thorpe Park – Rides of the Past

Rocky Express
Opened: 1989
Closed: 2021

Rocky Express was removed as part of construction for Project Exodus and has been retired from the Theme Park Industry during Winter 2022/2023.
Timber Tug Boat
Opened: 2017
Closed: 2021

Removed from Thorpe Park to make way for Project Exodus during 2022.  You can now find Timber Tug Boat located at Chessington World of Adventures 
Lumber Jack
Closed: 2021

While Lumber Jack has been removed from Old Town due to Project Exodus, you can still find it located next to Storm Surge renamed to High Striker!
X:\ No Way Out
Opened: 1996
Closed: 2017

Originally opened as X:\ No Way Out and later renamed to X, it became Thorpe Park’s only indoor rollercoaster. The ride was closed to be re-themed to become Walking Dead The Ride
Opened: 2005
Closed: 2016

Slammer closed in 2016, and even though it was popular with visitors to Thorpe Park it also faced issues with regular break-downs. Even in 2022, Slammer still stands and part of the queue line is now used for Black Mirror. Thope Park has confirmed that Slammer will not return and will likely be removed as part of the construction work for Hyperia.

Thorpe Park confirmed that Slammer will be removed at the end of 2024, however, haven’t given any indication if it will be replaced by another ride.
Loggers Leap 
Opened: 1989 
Closed: 2015

While it closed in 2015, even in 2022, Loggers Leap still stands and is due to be replaced by Project Exodus.  The station building has been used during Fright Nights for the Creek Freek Maze.  During a Behind the Screams Tour of the maze in 2021, the controls were still in there!  As an interesting fact, it took 4 years before Thorpe Park actually confirmed that Loggers Leap would not return. Loggers Leap was then removed during 2023 as part of construction for Project Exodus.
Derren Brown Ghost Train
Opened: 2016
Closed: 2022

Lasting around 15 minutes, Derren Brown Ghost Train was the biggest investment seen come into Thorpe Park and was in fact the last new ride Thorpe Park seen, prior to Project Exodus work beginning in 2022.

The ride was based on VR and depending on where you sit, would also effect the ‘train’ journey with different video’s playing, so even someone sat next to you would get a different experience.

Over the years of operation, the ride did become problematic due to using VR, with many faulty headsets which lead to frustration as you were on the ride.

Thorpe Park confirmed in January 2023 that the attraction was being rebranded to ‘Ghost Train’ with a brand new storyline without an IP and would also no longer have VR, which hopefully should make the attraction so much better.
Black Mirror Labyrinth
Closed: 2023

Placed at the back of Walking Dead The Ride, Black Mirror Labyrinth opened in 2021, utilizing space previously used for Fright Nights mazes, was a year-round maze and in typical Merlin style, it was The UK’s First Black Mirror Experience.

Thorpe Park announced in February 2024 that the maze closed its doors at the end of the 2023 season, but has remained tight-lipped about what will happen with the space.