Thorpe Park – Construction Projects

Latest and past Construction Projects at Thorpe Park.

Below you can find some of the past as well as in-progress construction projects at Thorpe Park, from new rides, to park improvements.

Click on the links to view updates for the individual projects that have been taking place!

Hyperia (Project Exodus)
Status: In Progress
Bringing a brand new Mack Hypercoaster to the “Old Town” area, replacing Loggers Leap. Due to open in Spring 2024.
Colossus Retrack
Status: On Going
Taking place during closed seasons, a re-track of Colossus will ensure its future operations. Note, Colossus will not be getting new trains.
Saw Alive Area
Status: COMPLETED 2023
Bringing a new picnic area with a lakeside view, the previous queue line for Saw Alive is being removed along with the plan to move the Saw Alive Boat.
Ghost Train
Status: OPENED 2023
Replacing Derren Brown Ghost Train, the ‘new’ attraction will no longer feature VR and will have a brand new story line.
Rebrand and New Logo

Towards the end of 2023, Thorpe Park announced a rebrand and New Logo which will also have a brand new soundtrack!
Big Easy Boulevard

2023 saw the last year of Angry Birds Land, being replaced with a new in-house IP Big Easy Boulevard
Project Sparkle

During 2023/2024 Winter closed season, Thorpe Park started work on ‘Project Sparkle’ investing into the park to make it even better. From many different parts of work taking place such as repaint of rides and refurbishment of toilets! Thorpe Park also confirmed that more work would also take place during 2024/2025!