Ride: Project Ocean
Manufacturer: Unknown
Opening Date: UNKNOWN

All the latest news for a new attraction being planned for Forbidden Valley! Going by file names relating to the planning, it looks like it’s codenamed Project Ocean.

So far, we know the new attraction is planned to be where Funk N Fly was located and ia to be 18m high, infact it will also be at the footpath next to it aswell, meaning that a ‘tunnel’ would be built so you will wall under the attraction!

There is nothing given away yet on what the new attraction will be and its not easy to guess from the plans!

Feb 6, 2024
Planning Permission

Alton Towers submits plans for a new 18m high attraction

Feb 8, 2024
Planning Documents

The planning application has been updated to include documentation to support the planning application

April 29, 2024
Planning GRANTED

Planning Permission has been granted with constructions already up and now work has begun to get ready for construction of the new ride.

May 2024
Construction In Progress
Source: DigitalDan

Picture Credit: DigitalDan

Construction started very quickly after the planning permission was granted, although very little is still known about what the new ride will be!

13 May
Source: DigitalDan
Currently, we still know nothing about Project Ocean including who the ride manufacture will be and also, we still don't know what the new ride will actually be. Of course, there is plenty of talk in the community that the ride will be a TopSpin! All pictures credit: DigitalDan
30 April
On the 29th April, we received the good news that Project Ocean has been given the go-ahead to start its building! It was largely suspected that this was the case, as for a few days before construction wall's started to appear in the construction area. With the work now fully underway, could we see Project…
8 February
Planning documents have now been added for the new ride being planned for Forbidden Valley! Spotted by the team at Towers Times. The plan's don't give any indication on the type of ride we could see sadly, however, what we do know is that it will take up the existing footpath, and you will walk…
7 February
It has been found that Alton Towers have submitted planning permission for a 18m height attraction in Forbidden Valley, where Funk n Fly used to sit! Currently people are thinking we cam see a top spin style attraction come back to Alton Towers, Currently there is no documents attached to the plans so its difficult…
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