Yesterday (21st June 2021) seen the start of the latest event to come to Thorpe Park, in their event’s lineup – Park Vibes, which I talked about previously.

While I was there although, it was a very wet day I did manage to see some of the Park Vibes through out the park with newly placed banners around the park along with bunting.

There are various ‘mini stages’ throughout the park for performers although due to the heavy rain, while I was there one stage was in use due to it being undercover.

Not only that, throughout the park you can find some of the roaming dancers some of which infact I recognise from Fright Nights!

Now, I also seen their brilliant rendition of Sea Shanty aswell!

Some of the rides have also had a very special Park Vibes make over with new audio just for the event (Detonator being one of them!) and I must admit, I rather enjoyed the audio. Sadly I didn’t record the audio from Detonator but will try to if I am back at Thorpe Park during Park Vibes.

Food wise, I didn’t find any special food on offer during my trip.

Merch wise, Thorpe Park have also released some new merch to go with Park Vibes some of which you can see below.

I did enjoy the event although, I would expect it would be even better with good weather when more acts can be out and it gives something a little bit extra to Thorpe Park which is enjoyable.