Yesterday, I took a trip for the day back to Thorpe Park to enjoy their Oktoberfest.

Along with the normal of the rides, they also changed the music on some of the rides to Bavarian themed music most noticeably the Birdie Dance!

While on some of the rides, I just could not help but dance along (well, as much as you can on rides!)

There was a couple of stalls selling German style food and they were also selling Steins which you could use for beer.  The did have German beer on offer as well and lets just say it was rather nice.

At 5pm, they also had a traditional German Oompa band playing music for an hour with some rather recognisable songs!

It was alot of fun, the beer was great and the weather was also very good as well.

Next, I will be at Alton Towers as part of my Staycation where they also are having an Oktoberfest which I look very much forward to seeing.