On Friday 23rd July, I went back to Thorpe Park to have a fun day out on the Island Like No Other, not only that it was also the week that restrictions in England had changed.

Now, my journey didn’t start out the best sadly as I was on the train from my home town heading to London, the train I was on got delayed due to a track fault, which meant that the journey which should have taken less than an hour, took almost two hours!

I got to Thorpe Park later than planned, but I was still able to enjoy my day out that’s for sure!

On the plus side as well, the weather was still lovely although not as hot as it was the day before, it was still hot enough to make most of your day out.

Within the outdoor attractions due to the changes in the government guidance you no longer had to wear a face mask meaning that you could actually finally enjoy the rides mask-free which was a nice feeling once again that’s for sure.

During my visit, I was able to take advance of going on rides 9 times, with minimal queuing time which I think was helped much more by no school trips being there (woohoo) although the fast-track was sold out for the day, I was still able to make sure of the rides I wanted to go on, even though one or two had some technical issues!

Another very nice thing about my trip was being able to go back onto The Walking Dead – The Ride, as a result of the change to the government guidance that week, they are allowed to mix groups again, meaning no need to be in an even number group to enjoy it! This was the first time since Fright Nights 2019 that I was able to go back onto the ride and it was still as enjoyable as it was back then.

I don’t have any negatives about the trip and was happy and felt safe during the full time I was at Thorpe Park even with the changes which were put in place.


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The only downside, which you will see in the pictures above is that Samurai is in ‘bits’ and has partly been taken apart, to date, Thorpe Park hasn’t confirmed what is happening with the ride (and also, not confirmed if the ride will return). I actually very much enjoy Samurai so do very much hope it will return but people in the past did find with Loggers Leap that it closed with not much said for it never to re-open.