On the 5th October, using my Merlin Annual Pass I took a visit to Thorpe Park to check out the buzz around Fright Nights.

One of the great parts of the Fright Nights event’s is that the park is open unil 10pm, so you can enjoy the rides and mazes from 10am until 10pm so you have plenty of time to make use of everything at the park.

Of course, it was great fun being able to go on all the rides in the dark, which gave it that bit more of an excitment.

On top of this, there is 5 great mazes fopr you to check out ranging from the not very scary to the ones which will make you jump and run.

For me the best 2 mazes I had found were Platform 15 and Creek Freek Massacre giving some of the best jumps to make you enjoy yourself (and make you run away!) 

With the Creek Freek Massacre, the sound of the chainsaws I found frighting enough sure sets your pulse racing.

All of the staff during fright nights do an awsome job and the actors on the mazes were amazing and sure got into the spirit of it all and also giving a great expereince.

I very much enjoyed it that I am planning to go back for the end of season just for that one more visit of this year and then for Thorpe Park they will be closed for the winter season which will mean I will need to make use of some of the London attractions until they re-open next year.

If you are looking for fun, extended opening time along with rides in the dark and the bonus of pelnty of mazes to get your pulse racing I can highly recommend that you take a visit to Fright Nights.

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