We are now 8 days away from Thorpe Park and other Theme Parks in the UK being able to re-open which is very exciting that’s for sure.

For me, as my work rota only comes out a week at a time, it’s very difficult for me to plan a date of when I will be going back to Thorpe Park, but be assured, as soon as I am able to go back, I will be back so watch this space!

This week, Thorpe Park have announced the return of the Fasttrack Tickets which is great news!

For the last month or two of operation, they did bring back the ‘single shot’ fasttrack tickets and currenlty, you can book two types of tickets in advance of your visit!

For me, its great news that the Unlimited Fastrack will be back, costing £80 at off-peak dates and on-peak (includes weekends) £100.

Back in 2019, I was able to buy a ‘annual’ fasttrack for £400 which covered me for the full year which came in very handy and was very well used (more than got my money worth!).

When I do go back to Thorpe Park, I will be for sure using the Fasttrack, as it is a great way to be able to get on as many rides as you possibly could after all the queues do get very very busy, which means you will become limited in the amount of rides you can do.

When I return back to Thorpe Park, I will be sure to get you plenty of updates on changes for 2021, not forgetting that in June we will see Black Mirror finally opening which was due to open last year but was delayed.