Recently I took a trip to Thorpe Park as part of my annual trip to check out Fright Nights and much like the past 2 year’s I have been going it did not disappoint.

As normal the island ‘changes’ from 3pm for Fright Nights so if you aren’t into scare zones etc, you can go before 3pm but it all add’s to the fun!

LycanThorpe vs Amity High was amazing yet again with brilliant dancing and for the first time, the two schools were fully ‘joined together.

As part of the birthday celebration of Fright Nights, is Birthday Bash where you are invited to Hattie and Hugo’s birthday party! Providing plenty entertainment, dancing and singing.

Last year we seen The Crows introduced to Thorpe Park and this year, you had two different chances to see them as they roamed throughout the park and not only that this year they had their very own scare zone which to me was brilliant!

The Swarm Invasion was also back this year with an improved format from last year and added onto the great storyline behind The Swarm which at Thorpe remains to be my favorite rollercoaster.

Now, we also had one additional scare zone this year over at Creek Freek, this year it was good addition especially as you were going into the maze.

Talking of mazes, for me the mazes this year were AMAZING!

Starting off with Platform 15: End of the Line a maze I very much enjoy the storyline of and this year it didn’t disappoint again although in some ways it felt lacking in actors it still provided plenty of jump scares along with changes from the previous years. My biggest tip to anyone doing Platform 15, with it being the only outdoor maze that Thorpe has this year is to make sure you go on the maze after dark. It makes the maze just that much more fun especially when you can’t see what’s coming up!

The Creek Freek Maze was back this year (woohoo) and it was again very enjoyable just like back in 2019, this maze gets my heart going the most out of all of the mazes and you still have changes to be chased after chainsaws.

New for 2021 was the maze Trailers which for me I very much enjoyed and provided a lot of brilliant entertainment and some jump scares.

Below is some video’s from my trip to Fright Nights featuring clips the scare zones so make sure you check it out, unless you want to save yourself until you go.

Fright Nights 2021 Scare Zones

You can also view pictures from my trip below!


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