With the start of the 2021 season in full swing, I thought I would take a look at events that are currently planned at both Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. (events are correct as of 15/04/21)

Thorpe Park Events 2021

So far, Thorpe Park have only announced two events which will be running this year, but hopefully we might see more announced (or at least, that is something I am very much hoping for)

  • Oktoberfest is back! Yes, following it’s launch at Thorpe Park in the 2020 season, we will see the return of Oktoberfest, so make sure you have your lederhosen ready to enjoy some nice cold stein’s of beer, enjoy the Bavarian sounds and make sure you have some yummy bratwurst!
  • Fright Nights is even more special this year, as they will be celebrating a big birthday! So far we have no information on what we might see this year, but I’m sure it will end up being one of the best years there has been. Running between the 8th – 10th October and then the 15th – 31st October. It’s also a great way to enjoy the rides at sunset and in the dark!

Alton Towers Events 2021

While it’s sister Thorpe Park has only announced 2 events for this year, Alton Towers have advertised 5 events throughout the year!

  • Mardi Gras typically celebrated in a ‘big’ way over in the USA Theme Parks, will be running at Alton Towers to kick off summer, from the 22nd May to 20th June!
  • Oktoberfest is also returning back to Alton Towers PROST! from the 11th September – 3rd October. I sure did love my visit last year to Alton Towers during Oktoberfest and was well worth the visit!
  • Scarefest is Alton Towers version of Fright Nights, running between the 8th – 10th October and then the 15th – 31st October
  • Fireworks will return back to Alton Towers after being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic running 5th – 7th November.
  • Ending the 2021 season, Santa’s Sleepover will be running at Alton Towers between 27th – 28th Nov, 3rd – 5th, 10th – 11th, 17th – 23rd Dec