For the 2021 season after over a year of being closed, Derren Brown Ghost Train is open again!

Currently you need to pre-book your time slot to be able to enjoy the attraction.

When you first enter you will notice that they have a new modern uniform. In addition the posters in the queue line have been replaced making it look much better.

You then enter the pre-show where Derren Brown himself talks about the ride this has not changed and is the same.

After this you are taken into a room where you receive a speech which has changed for this year talking in more detail about Sub Core!

You are then taken onto your train, for a ride you will not forget, the staff on the ride also seem more involved than they were in 2019 which is a welcome change.

The VR segment of the ride has not changed, not just the story but also its reliability. There is still issues with the Audi and video which is a great shame as you would have thought with all the time they have had ssomething more could have been done.

When you go through the gift shop section this also has not changed from 2019, the previous animatronic is still not in place.

When I went on the ghost train, I had my Sub Core Tshirt on which is a good thing, as the attraction staff actually used this to improvise what they were saying to everyone which was rather fun!