At Thorpe Park, they have a much loved (and hated) ride, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of The Deamon.

The attraction itself has many mixed feelings, with people enjoying it (like me) and people hating the attraction and wishing that better use of the space was made.

To be honest, the attraction has got its ups and downs, it can also at times be a ‘bad’ experience when it has a fault, but when things are working it can be a very enjoyable experience.

The majority of the attraction makes use of VR Headsets to immerse yourself on the experience.

When you first enter the attraction, you will be greeted with a hologram of Derren Brown himself, after this you will be lead into a room where you will have a further speech to immerse yourself onto the experience (infact, in 2019 by the end of the season, I had been on it that many times I knew the wording off the top of my head!).

After this, you will go through to the loading area, where you will see the old-style train carriage hanging in the air which you will then load onto (make sure you go on carefully, you don’t want it to swing side to side).

When you are inside the carriage you are ‘transported’ to a London Underground carriage, where you will put your VR Headset on! Your train journey then begins!

The journey itself will include a stop where you get off the train to another area, back for part of 2019 there were also actors in the area, however towards the end of the season they didn’t have this (I assume this was because the actors were being re-used for Fright Nights?) and then, you will ‘escape’ back onto the carriage for your getaway.

Without saying much more about the experience especially the VR side, I do think you should try it even just the once.

After this, you are then taking into the gift shop…