On Wednesday 26th May, I went back to Thorpe Park with one mission in mind, to try Black Mirror Labyrinth

Currently, you need to pre-book your timmed entry, my advice is to get this booked as soon as you can! It did not take long at all for all of the slots to be taken!

When it’s your time to enter the queue, show your pre-bookind and you will be let into it or asked to wait a bit longer. After going into the queue it did take a while before I got into the attraction about an hour as they also had a some kind of issue where we had to wait to have it resolved.

Before you enter the attraction itself you are asked your name, where you are from and of you are guilty of anything after all Lab will find out the truth!

When you enter the show building, you have your picture taken and you enter your firstname on the tablet against your picture. You then currently go in with your group or in my case by myself.

After this you are taken into a scanning room, where your picture and name is scanned for social media accounts to get all the information they need on you…

After then scan is completed you are then taken into another room where they try to heat you up so much… and then a ‘hacker’ helps you escape!

After this you then go through some light effects as part of the escape, just make sure you go the right way you might also spot your face on the screens!

Then you might think it’s over but you have more to escape from mirrors that might just break!

Did you escape or were you deleted? So far I only managed to do it once and I have been deleted! It will be interesting to try other times to see what differences will happen depending on the choices you make?

From start to finish it’s an all round good maze to have year round and is done very well and not forgetting the new music made just for Black Mirror.