So, yesterday 14th September I took (another) visit to Thorpe Park.  I have been that many times I actually may now have lost count the amount of times I have actually been.

This time was with a difference though, I was meeting up with a good friend of 19+ years who I used to speak to all the time but had never actually in that time managed to meet with him, so with Gareth having come down to Thorpe Park I thought that I might as well go and meet him and have a very fun day on all the rides and show him around!

The park was very busy with it being great weather so not much of a supprise so I managed to get them to upgrade to Fast Track which then alloowed us to go on 14 rides on the day (we would have managed more, but had a stop for lunch and then had to wait while Stealth was fixed)

Another good thing was seeing all the preperation being in place for fright nights which is only 2 weeks away and something I’m looking forward to going to very much, infact I have already booked to go for 1 weekend and may actually book for a 2nd weekend as well.

Anyway, not much more I can say about the visits so I will leave you with on-ride pictures from this visit.