As you will know from my blog, I’m a big lover of Theme Parks.

With the current situation in the UK due to COVID-19, the opening of theme parks has been delayed and they should have been open for a month already.

They were already working on adapting for visitors prior to the lock down including spacing in queues and hand sanitizers.

Now, it will be interesting to see what additional steps would need to be taken when they reopen which hopefully wont need to be prolonged or so we can only hope.

Over in Orlando, they are already making plans for the possible reopening which would include staff wearing facemasks, queue spacing, hand sanitizers at rides and it could go as far as temperature checks which wouldn’t be a supprise.

I would expect if it happens there would also be reductions on th4 number of visitors allowed in.

Of course, if this was to be what steps would be put in place, I feel it could be a positive move.

After all, the lack of income is a massive issue and we wouldn’t want to see our loved theme parks in the UK to need to go as far as closing down.

As always, these are only my views.