Recently, I took a trip to London with the purpose of ‘Up at The O2’ which is a climbing experience up onto the roof of the O2 Arena.

The experience itself will take around 90 minutes and when you arrive you will be shown a safety video of the climb following this, you will receive your climbing equipment.

To start the climb, you go upstairs for a small part of the way and then the fun of the climb begins!

At the start of the climb, it is the steepest part but as you do go up, it gets easier!

When you have reached the top of the climb, it’s very much worth the climb as you will then get amazing views across London!

If you paid for drinks you will also get these when you reach the top of the O2 viewing area.


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After you have spent a bit of time enjoying the views, it’s then time to walk back down the other side, and this time, you don’t have any stairs to help you part of the way.

When you reach the bottom, you can then take off the safety equipment and you get a chance to view the pictures taken by the staff of your climb as well.

I very much enjoyed the trip Up at The O2 along with my friend and it was great fun although after a while, we did feel that we were at the top part for a bit long there was only one other group who joined ours so it wasn’t very busy when we went on the climb.

It was more of an experience as a one-off, although I would love to do it again during sunset!

I would recommend that the climb isn’t done on a hot day as it is some good exercise going up and down!