As part of my staycation and merlin visits, we visited Legoland on the 9th September!

While I did visit Legoland last year, I decided that I should go back again this year, especially now that Mythica was open and check out Flight of the Lion!

Flight of the Lion is an amazing ride and I don’t want to give you any spoilers but I would highly recommend that you take a ride and enjoy it for yourself. I enjoyed it that much that I even went on to the ride twice!

Everything was more or less walk straight on since the schools are back so much fewer people so you can make the most of your visit!

A good bit of news is that Pizza Pasta has returned back to all you can eat buffet which is brilliant news as it makes it very much worth the money you spend.

During my visit, the Pirate Show was on, of which didn’t take place during 2020. You can find videos from the show below!

You can find pictures from my visit to Legoland below!


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