Yesterday, 8th August 2020 I took a day trip to Chessington World of Adventures for what was actually my first trip out following the lockdown in March due to COVID-19.

I arrived at Chessington a bit early and in fact, was the first ‘guest’ to arrive in the queue (other than those staying at the on-site hotel.

Not long after 9am, we were able to start queuing up to get in, but before this temperature was taken of everyone going into the entrance queue which was great to see.

After this, there was a short wait while those who were staying at the hotel were allowed in first as part of their benefits.

Following this, I didn’t have any bag with me so more or less got in after being checked over by a security guard holding a metal detector.

From here, I was in and had a walk around, the rides don’t open until 10am, so I just looked around after all I had not been to Chessington since April 2019.

I then queued up for the ‘Vampire’ rollercoaster which I didn’t manage to do when I went last year due to the queue being very long and it was an enjoyable rollercoaster.

I then went on a few more rides along with having a look at the zoo area during my visit and having food at ‘Pizza Pasta’.

Due to COVID-19, the Pizza Pasta Restaurant is in a different format from normal where you order from a choice of 3 pizza’s before you go in (when you pay for the food), this is then brought to your table by the staff along with your drink, salad, garlic bread and pasta.  Normally, at the restaurant, it would be a ‘help yourself’ style but it is understandable due to the current situation.  You also give your contact number as well when you eat in as part of the NHS Track & Trace, so the same procedure you would have when eating in any restaurant.

I did have a very enjoyable day and the temperature was in the low 30’s so very very hot that’s for sure.

Now for social distance in the park, this was a bit disappointing with many people ‘forgetting’ to stay socially distant although, I ensured at all times when in queues for rides, I was keeping the gap from people in front of me and didn’t have an issue with anyone behind me which is good, although if they did get too close, I would have asked them to get back, I am happy that I didn’t need to.

I did travel by train to Chessington along with on the underground, people were good on the trains and underground although in many ways it was very very strange to see the trains so quiet! 

I do plan to have more ‘adventures’ in September when then schools are back and I’m on annual leave at work since my holiday to Orlando has been moved to 2021 and part of the trip will include a couple of nights stay at Alton Towers so watch this space!


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