As part of my ‘Staycation’ for 2021, I took my second trip back to Alton Towers for 2021 this time to check out this years Oktoberfest which was back for its second year and I must admit it was back even bigger and better than last year!

For 2021, Alton Towers had two stages, one within the main lawn where you could see the wonderful German Jukebox playing 3 sets each day along with the brand new bierkeller where you can find more live music as well!

This year on the main stage, we were also joined by Darwin the Dodo doing a special ‘Oktoberfest’ show!

Highlights from the Oktoberfest entertainment can be seen in the below video!

Oktoberfest Entertainment, Alton Towers – September 2021

During my stay, I was staying within the Alton Towers Hotel for a change from the Splash Landings and I will be posting a separate review on the hotel soon, so keep an eye out on our website.

Luckily with the time of year, it is the queues were very quiet for the rides, in fact almost walk on each day I was there which was brilliant as it ensured that I was able to make the most of my 3-day trip enjoying all of the rides along with enjoying the entertainment.

Now, I do admit I could have got plenty of rides during my trip in, but in the last few hours, I just wanted to sit down and enjoy the Oktoberfest entertainment which I sure did.

In many ways, the decoration is great when you first enter Alton Towers at the main entrance, however, I do feel that more could have been done with the decorations in other area’s of the park as throughout most of the park, you wouldn’t even know they were doing anything for Oktoberfest.

Food & Drink wise for Oktoberfest there was plenty of options for you to enjoy along with an increase in the food options from what they had last year.

I very much enjoyed Oktoberfest this year at Alton Towers and look forward to seeing what they will do next year to make it even better. Maybe they could follow Thorpe Park and change the audio on rides?


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