On Monday (14th Sept) until yesterday (17th Sept) I was staying at Alton Towers, on-site at their Splash Landings Hotel (separate review of this will come soon!)

During my time there, I was lucky enough to have great weather during my full stay and it was also Oktoberfest!

I must say, I very much enjoyed the visit along with the great choice of rollercoasters available (which is great for me, since I love them so much)

With how spread-out Alton Towers is, you do get plenty of exercise during your visit which is also good, especially to work off the food and drink!

For me, its hard to say which rollercoaster I enjoyed the most as there was just so many great ones, however, there is only one rollercoaster which sticks out to the most to me and no, its not the Runaway Minetrain (although it is great fun, Chooo Chooo!)

It had to be the one, the only…

Yes, Wicker Man!  The theming alone, its brilliant along with the soundtrack the ride has, there is just something about it so thrilling!

Yes, it might not go ‘up-side-down’ but still for me, the theming of it along with it being a wooden coaster, is just brilliant.

There wasn’t a ride that I did not like at Alton Towers, I even had a few rides on Th13teen which was brilliant and very fun to go on.

Now, there has always been a debate between Nemisis (Alton Towers) and Nemisis Inferno (Thorpe Park) and which one is better…

Well, for me, I don’t actually know, in some ways Nemisis is better than Inferno (sorry Thorpe Park!)

Another ride I did enjoy allot was The Smiler, yes it might have had a bad history with a terrible accident, but I very much enjoyed it and two sections of the ride reminded me of Saw: The Ride at Thorpe Park!

As I was there during the weekday, the ride times were very quiet, it did get busier on Thursday afternoon (busiest I had seen it all week) but each day I still managed to get over 10 rides in which is brilliant!

They were very good at dealing with Social Distancing with plenty of reminders to people that they need to keep to it, along with ride operators keeping an eye out to make sure it was being followed and going onto the tannoy where needed to ‘remind’ people.

I didn’t really have any issues during my time apart from twice where I had to ask people to step back one group were fine and done it another group of ‘younger’ people just ignored!

Overall, I very much enjoyed Alton Towers and will go back likely next year as its more ‘awkward’ to get to compared to Thorpe Park so when I do go back I will be staying for a night or two again.

I did also mention I was at Alton Towers during their Oktoberfest and I will put a separate post about that up later.