As a last-minute decision more or less, last week I decided that I would take a day trip to Alton Towers as, to be honest, I just needed to get away for the day and have some fun.

I traveled to Derby on the 8th April where I stayed overnight with 2 friends before having our day out on Saturday 9th April at Towers.

Despite the weather being so up and down that day including having hailstones! we were able to enjoy all of the big attractions which very much made the trip worth it.

Now of course while I was there, I just had to check out and have a go on Spinjam which has to be the most thrilling Retro Squad ride and a lot of enjoyment even if you feel a bit dizzy after getting off of it.

We did have some food at the Pizza Pasta Restaurant which is always a firm favorite of mine especially because I do love pizza.

I do hope to go back to Alton Towers this year, as I do have the Splash Landings Waterpark on my to-do list for this year so watch this space!


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