Back in September which seems a while ago now! I took a 3 night trip over to Alton Towers, as I have spoken about on a previous post here.

Now, with Oktoberfest being on from 3pm within the ‘main lawn’ area of Alton Towers near the entrance, there was live entertainment taking place which was brilliant especially German Jukebox who were giving brilliant entertainment to everyone!

There were also stalls doing some great food and drink including some lovely German Spaten Beer (I may have had a few too many) along with some lovely Bratwurst Sausages. Although, they were expensive!

Now, I did visit Thorpe Park for their Oktoberfest as well and I must admit, I am rather undecided which one I liked the most as both were very similar in offerings but I felt that the range of entertainment offered at Alton Towers was much better.

Now, talking of the entertainment offered at Alton Towers, why not check it out for yourself in the videos below!

I do have a few videos from Oktoberfest entertainment, however, decided to pick the two videos above to give you a feel for it.

German Jukebox were brilliant, with great music and not just that they were very entertaining as well.

I would like to see Oktoberfest continue as feel its a great way to have some ‘seasonal’ events at both Alton Towers & Thorpe Park,