With Chessington, having announced this year their Project Amazon and even more exciting, Thorpe Park announced their Project Exodus (which also didn’t come much of a surprise after a few teasers being seen around Thorpe Park during the 2021 season, will Alton Towers be next to make an announcement in the new year?

Currently, nothing much has been said from Alton Towers and it also makes you think with both Thorpe Park and Chessington announcing major projects, then surley we will see something announced by Alton Towers?

Both Chessington and Thorpe Park are planning to build a new rollercoaster infact so much so, Chessington have already put fencing up around the area and some ground works have started before planning permission has been granted and over at Thorpe Park they have announced the closure of Old Town already when they are only in the early stages of their plans.

Alton Towers recently have replied to a user on twitter to say “Watch this space…. but something a lot more thrilling”

Now we all know how the Merlin Social Media teams love to tease us fans which infact eventally do have some truth behind it, so you never know what will be announced, for us we don’t expect anything soon but you never know what they could be planning and annoucing come the New Year!

We willl of course be keeping an eye out on any news on this and sharing this with you all!