One attraction which some people don’t even realise is available at Alton Towers, is their very own Dungeon’s.

Located near to the new-to-be in 2021, originally planned for 2020 World of David Williams is their very own Alton Towers Dungeon. A short walk from Hex the Ride.

The attraction is only available to access when you are within Alton Towers and it makes for a added escape from the madness of all the rides.

You do need to book your visit into the dungeon separate and is not included in the entry into Alton Towers.

When you enter, you take a trip to see The Judge where you will be sentenced of course, in true Merlin Dungeon style, we are all GUILTY!

You then are taken onto a Black River Boat Ride beneath Alton Towers, where you might just find some of the dungeons residents…

Of course, after your ride, you will meet some other characters including the Torturer, Highwayman and the Plague Doctor.

Your trip will last around 45 minutes as you go through 5 different shows along with your boat ride.

During 2020 as expected they have reduced the capacity much like the London Dungeons so you are required to book in advance but in some ways, like the London Dungeon, I find it makes for a better experience.

I do fully recommend that you take a trip to the Alton Towers Dungeon during your visit which also makes for a good ‘break’ from all of the rides.