Thorpe Park – Rides

Hyperia Opening at Thorpe Park in 2024, during construction the new rollercoaster was code-named Project Exodus reaching 236 ft and a speed of over 80mph!
The Swarm Was the first Winged Coaster that came to the UK and opened back in 2012.  You can reach 127ft with some near misses! 
The Walking Dead: The Ride
Tidal Wave
Nemesis Inferno
Saw - The Ride
Detonator As part of the revamp of the area, moving away from Angry Birds Land and becoming part of Big Easy Boulevard, Detonator was renamed to TBC in 2024.
Ghost Train Opened in 2023, Ghost Train has replaced the previous Derren Brown Ghost Train, following an exit of the Derren Brown IP. The new Ghost Train no longer features VR which became very problematic for the attraction in recent years.
Samurai Samurai was previously located at Chessington World of Adventures, before being moved to Thorpe Park and operated under the same name.
Flying Fish - Opened at Thorpe Park in 1984 as Space Station Zero and was based inside where the Arcade can be found today.  It was renamed to Flying Fish in 1990, and was infact placed outdoors where Stealth stands today!  In 2007 it was moved to its current home as you head towards The Swarm!
Quantum - x
Rumba Rapids - x
Big Easy Bumpers - During the closed season of 2023/2024 and as part of the rebrand from Angry Birds to Big Easy Boulevard, the Dodgems has had an upgrade and renamed Big Easy Bumpers for the 2024 season.
Dobble Tea Party - Renamed in 2023 following new sponsorship, previously called Storm in a Tea Cup. The ride opened back in 1986 as 'Teacup Ride' following this, between 2000 - 2003 the ride was named 'Teacup Twisters' when it went onto be known as Storm in a Tea Cup in 2004.
Storm Surge - x
20220319_140237 Zodiac - x
Mr Monkey's Banana Ride
IMG_20220319_111037_971 High Striker  Renamed for the 2022 season as a result of the closure of Old Town to make way for Project Exodus.  High Stiker was moved to being close to Storm Surge.
Depth Charge
Amity Beach
Sunset Cinema The cinema underwent a revamp during the 2023/2024 closed season from Angry Birds 4D Experience to Sunset Cinema for the 2024 season as part of replacing Angry Birds Land into Big Easy Boulevard.